Pinreader for adult and sexworkers!Pinreader for adult

With this payment solution you can accept all card payments with a professional pinreader without any hassle.


  1. No monthly fees
  2. Professional Pinreader for only € 220,- (excl shipping)
  3. Transaction processing by Payabl.
  4. Support by PinMobile
  5. Certified by Mastercard and Visa

Transaction fees:

Cards issued in the EU:

Debit cards:  2,5%

Credit cards: 2,7%

Commercial cards: 4,4%

Cards issued outside EU:

Debit cards: 3%

Credit cards: 3,2%

Commercial cards: 4,6%

In order to facilitate a smooth boarding process you need the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport or ID card (No drivers license)
  • Copy of your registration at chamber of commerce (max 3 months old and the basic version is enough)
  • Copy of you bankstatement with your company name and adress.
  • Pictures of your worklocation (1 outside and 1 inside) (max 2 MB per picture)
  • Recent invoice for rental workspace

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