Tap on Mobile by Worldline:tap on mobile

With this payment solution you can accept card payments on your Android (version 10 and higher) Phone without a pinreader.


  1. Flatfee of 1,69% on every transactions Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and VPay
  2. No monthly fees
  3. No pinreader so no investment
  4. Android only version 10 or higher and NFC functionality
  5. Support by PinMobile
  6. Also available for sexworkers
  7. Certified by Mastercard and Visa

In order to facilitate a smooth boarding process you need the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport or ID card (No drivers license)
  • Copy of your registration at chamber of commerce (max 3 months old and the basic version is enough)
  • Copy of you bankstatement with your company name and adress.

The application process is best done with your phone and during the process you can also make a picture of your documents and load them up automatically.

Apply for Tap on Mobile


Quick Guide for installing the App:

Here is a quick guide for installing the app after you have finished the application process by doing a online identification and online signing of the agreement with Worldline for the transaction processing.